Inquiry into safeguarding missing adults who are vulnerable due to mental health issues

The aim of this All Party Parliamentary Group inquiry is to better understand what currently happens when a vulnerable adult goes missing and what happens when they return, particularly what additional support or intervention would help.

Evidence from the police and other professionals will be invaluable in ensuring that that we have a good understanding of the current response to vulnerable missing adults and will help to inform recommendations for how agencies can work together or what additional services might be needed. Please answer the following questions from your professional experience:

Risk assessments
- When an adult goes missing, how effective is the risk assessment process?

- What would make risk assessments more effective or better at identifying vulnerability?

- When a young adult goes missing, are vulnerabilities identified during their childhood taken into account for risk assessment?

- Do you have any examples of best practice?

Intervention/Immediate response
- When a missing adult is found or returns, what is the immediate response?

- What intervention or additional response might help that returned adult?

- Do you have any examples of best practice?

The ongoing support available to returned vulnerable adults
- When an adult has returned from being missing, what support is available to them?

- What additional support might be helpful for a returned adult?

- Do you have any examples of best practice?

Submitting your response
Please answer the questions listed above based on your own personal or professional experience. Please consider the vulnerabilities associated with mental health and the potential impact of a missing person having a pre-diagnosed mental health issue or an undetected or only recently visible mental health issue.
Please structure your submission so that it addresses each topic in turn. We intend to publish submissions we receive, unless requested otherwise.

If you have any questions about this inquiry or would like to send in your submission please contact Josie Allan:

Email - / Phone - 020 8392 4524

Deadline = 30th November 2017

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